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In this article we will go over step by step how to install your Goal Zero MPPT Charge controller into your Yeti.  We have included pictures every step along the way to make it super easy.  The entire process can be completed in less than 10 minutes and you only need a standard Phillips head screwdriver.  Enjoy!




When you open the box you'll find the MPPT Charge controller, screws and a users guide.



The only tool you will need in order to install the MPPT is a standard Philips head screwdriver.  Preferably a smaller head one as well since the screws are rather tiny.




You will need to take out the 6 screws that hold down the top panel where the MPPT will be inserted.


Once the screws are out, the plastic piece will just pop out revealing the area where the MPPT will be installed.



Once you get the piece out you will see a positive and negative marking on the yeti. 



Just above the marking; as you can see from the pictures below, the MPPT cable will fit right into there.  The red is for the positive and the black is for the negative.  The single dangling cord is the data transfer switch.






Once you have inserted the cables from the MPPT, you will be able to simply place the MPPT into position




Once the MPPT is in place, the last thing to do is install the four screws that came in the MPPT box and you’re ready to go.


And there you go, you're done!  You can now enjoy your super efficiently charging Yeti featuring its new MPPT Charge Controller :)

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