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Bail Out Bag Basics: The Definitive Guide To Being Prepared []

By SSK Admin December 07, 2021

Bail Out Bag Basics

Bail Out Bag Basics: The Definitive Guide To Being Prepared [2022]

In times of uncertainty, there is an added importance on being prepared. Ideally, bail out bags will never have to be used, but in those unexpected instances, it’s vital to know that you have all the essentials handy. 

Bail out bags will not only provide you with comfort and security when you need it the most, but could save your life depending on the situation you find yourself in. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of bail out bag essential items, with all of the details you need to ensure you’re covered no matter what. 


What is a Bail Out Bag?

A bail out bag, also known as a bug out bag, is essentially a survival pack that allows you to quickly escape any emergency situation. Whether it’s man-made or a natural disaster, having a bail out bag can help you and your loved ones survive when the unexpected happens. 

Bail out bags often contain the most vital items (food, shelter, tools, etc), and a well-prepared bail out bag can help keep you safe and protected for at least 3 full days. Today, many people store a bail bout bag in an EMP shield in order to protect your items from any type of electro-magnetic pulse. 

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Bail Out Bag Essentials: What to put in a bail out bag

First Aid

Keeping a first aid kit on hand is always a good idea no matter the situation. This piece of equipment becomes even more essential when dealing with dangerous or extreme circumstances. Here are a few of our top suggestions for bail out bag first aid kits items:

  • Bandages - bandaids, gauze pads, and tape 
  • Wound care - antibiotic ointment, burn gel, antibacterial/alcohol wipes, medical gloves
  • Medications - painkillers, required prescription medication, antihistamines, antibiotics
  • Necessary tools - scissors, safety pins, needle and thread
  • Tourniquet and sling 
  • Respirator Mask

Individual bail out bag first aid kits can be customized to fit personal preference and may differ depending on the size or needs of your party.  



Of course, shelter is key to survival. The ideal bail out bag will contain a lightweight durable shelter such as a tent or bivy, as well as a compact but warm sleeping bag. Without protection from the elements, problems like sun exposure, heat exhaustion, and hypothermia are all major risks.

When choosing a tent or bivy for your bail out bag you’ll want to keep a few key factors in mind. The most important aspect of a bail out bag survival shelter is how well it shields you from the elements. Therefore, heat retention, durability, and wind/water resistance are imperative.

That being said, you’ll want to choose a tent that is easily packable, easy to set up, and takes up minimal space in your bail out bag. Depending on how many others will be sharing the shelter with you, you’ll also want a tent with adequate space. 

Bail out bag sleeping bags conform to many of the same rules. Choose a sleeping bag with a temperature rating that suits your environment. Again, you’ll want a lightweight option that you can fit in your bail out bag with ease, but still provides the necessary warmth. Down-filled sleeping bags are usually lighter and more compact than synthetic options but they also tend to lose their insulative properties when wet. 


Fire Starting Materials  

Starting a fire can make all the difference in survival situations. Other than providing crucial warmth in cold environments, fire also provides light, a method of cooking, a way to signal for help, and even a much needed feeling of comfort. 

A bail out bag needs to contain the necessary materials to successfully start a fire. This can include items such as a waterproof lighter, windproof matches, flint striker, and kindling. As with all of the items in your bail out bag, make sure you feel comfortable using them beforehand.


Water Purification and Storage

Along with shelter, access to potable water sits at the top of the list. Bail out bags should always contain a water purification method and storage container. There are several different types of water purification available today, including portable water filters, iodine purification tablets, and UV light purifiers. Boiling water is also considered a safe and effective treatment method. 

In order to store and transport your water, your bail out bag will need to have the proper water storage. Durable lightweight plastic or aluminum bottles are two good storage options, along with flexible hydration bladders. 


Small Food Rations

While food is not as critical as water in an emergency situation, your bail out bag should still include some sort of food rations. You will most likely find yourself using up a lot of energy while on the move, so having a replacement for those lost calories makes a huge difference.

Long-lasting and calorie-rich emergency food bars can be a perfect addition to a bail out bag. 

These emergency food rations often contain upwards of 3000 calories per bar. Those who are looking for a little more flavor with their meals can opt for pre-packaged dehydrated food. These types of meals are popular with backpackers and campers, but can easily be added to a bail out bag.


Portable Power

We live in a digital age, which means when disaster strikes we will still need to power our potentially life-saving devices like cell phones, laptops, ham radios or satellite messengers. Portable power banks are the most common energy source for bailout bags. 

Options like the Lion Energy Cub Go provide valuable versatility. This model, available at Shop Solar Kits, is a portable 3lb power pack that has the ability to hold a charge for up to 1 year. Small, silent, and stealthy, this power pack features a full-size wall outlet, flashlight, and can be charged by both renewable solar energy and standard A/C power. 

Lion Cub Go (2-Pack) + 2 x 20W Solar Panels - $399

If you’re looking for a little more power and plan on bugging out in a vehicle or motorhome, you may even want to consider something like the EcoFlow Delta.

The EcoFlow Delta is one of the most powerful, yet still conveniently portable solar generators. For when SHTF, you can plug your EcoFlow Delta 1800 into solar panels, your vehicles 12V cigarette port or any standard AC wall outlet and have its massive battery fully charged in less than 2 hours. 

If you're looking for a bug-in solar power kit, we highly recommend checking out our emergency backup kits here.


When it comes to bail out bag clothing, you’ll want to make sure you’re protected from potentially cold weather. A warm hat, socks, and pair of gloves are a must. It’s not unthinkable that you might find yourself in a wet environment, so pack an extra dry shirt, pair of pants, and set of socks. 

Beyond this, A waterproof rain jacket and warm (ideally packable) coat can be bail out bag lifesavers. A simple baseball cap or sun hat can be just as important in warmer sunnier climates.  

Miscellaneous Tools 

Every bail out bag should undoubtedly include some form of multi-tool or knife. This vital tool can help in medical situations, self-defense, equipment repair, fire starting, and more. A compass, a decent length of rope or paracord, and a whistle are all small but helpful tools. 

We’ve also included a few larger tools that some people might want to consider adding to their bail out bag. 

A small hatchet, folding saw, or folding shovel can be useful in constructing shelters, collecting firewood, and creating fire pits. These types of tools can add substantial weight and bulk to your bail out bag, so weigh your options and choose what works best for your needs. 

Bail Out Bag Conclusion 

No one can predict exactly when a disaster may turn your life upside down. However, we can all choose to be prepared.

Hopefully, we’ve helped to clear up some questions you might have regarding bail out bags, and provided a solid base in order for you to start building your own kit. 

Also you might be interested in solar car battery chargers.

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If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out or give us a call today at 877-242-2792.

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