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Best priced solar + battery company in America. With custom system designs and legendary support, save 50% or more compared to other companies when you work with us.
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The traditional solar sales model involves multiple salespeople, project managers, dealer fees, custom designs, and more, all adding to your bottom line cost each step of the way.

Which is why most national solar brands have such poor customer ratings - shady sales tactics and lack of after-sales support.

In the United States, in 2023 - most residential and light commercial solar power is still sold through high pressure, high commission (usually door-to-door salespeople).

And the fact is - less than 5% of qualified roofs in the US have solar panels.

So it's pretty clear, there has to be a better way to go solar...

At, we’ve cut out all of this traditional bloat and our focus is on saving you time, energy and money by allowing you to purchase one-click complete solar power solutions through our digital-first platform. 

By sourcing directly, you will pay 20-50% less and this usually includes the batteries (storage) - giving you true energy independence. is disrupting the solar industry and saving customers thousands in the process. Join us and the 40,000+ people who are enjoying their affordable energy independence today!

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